Home Visits

Because the doctor can see four patients in the time it takes to make one home visit, it is always better to be seen in the surgery where all our equipment and computer records are at hand. If your medical condition prevents you from attending the surgery, the doctor may decide to visit you at home. Try to give an indication of the problem to the receptionist so that we can assess the urgency. Always give the receptionist a contact telephone number, as the doctor may decide it is more appropriate to speak to you over the telephone rather than visit you.

Your responsibilities to us are:

  • To please bear in mind that the Surgery is the preferred place to be seen, as this is where we have access to all our equipment, staff and computer records.
  • Not to ask for a home visit because you have problems with transport or because you feel it is more convenient to be seen at home. We can only visit you on medical grounds. It is your responsibility to make your own way to the surgery if there is no medical reason preventing you from doing so.
  • If you feel a home visit is necessary, please telephone before 10.00am if possible.
  • If you think that an urgent home visit is required please make this clear to the receptionist when you call.
  • To be willing to accept alternatives, such as telephone advice or a prescription if the doctor feels this is the most appropriate treatment in your case.